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Complete Protection from Overusage

By providing Guests with a reasonable amount of usage, they know exactly how much they can use and Owners are fully covered from Overusage. 

The System is primarily meant to monitor the Air Conditioning Supply, but is fully capable to monitor the Whole House also or Individual Circuits.

The System can pay for itself after just the first Rental Season and can be installed for less than the cost of one bad guest!

Easy to Use, 100% Effective - the System guarantees to save Owners money every time Guests use your Property.




Versatile Application

The AC Guard System can be applied to a variety of Scenarios - See the benefits below

Holiday & Short Term Rentals

  • Provide Guests with a Reasonable Amount of Usage for the duration of their stay

    Guests stay within the agreed amount and can see exactly how much they are spending.  
    You never receive an unexpected bill again and have total peace of mind.

Long Term Rentals

  • Monitor Air Con Usage All Year Round
    Guests can track how much Air Conditioning they use on a long term basis
  • Whole House Monitoring
    Guests can keep track of electricity costs on a montly basis.
    You know what the bill will be before it arrives!

Family & Friends

  • Avoid Awkwardness between Family & Friends
    Provide Guests with an agreed amount of usage for the duration of their stay.  They can see how much they are spending and you know the maximum cost of their visit.

  • Family & Friends become more Energy Conscious
    Your Property will be respected more as Guests can literally see how much it costs to run.

Personal Use

  • Become more Aware of your own Usage
    Keep track of your Bills and reduce your own Energy Consumption

  • Whole House Monitoring
    Know the cost of your electricity bill before it arrives

Monitor Other Circuits

  • Monitor additional circuits such as Lights & Sockets
  • Monitor Large Appliances such as Hot Tubs & Boilers
  • Monitor smaller appliances


How does it work?

'Hassle Free For Owners, Property Managers, Landlords & Guests'

We install the System next to the fuse board, so it can monitor the Air Conditioning Circuit and Guests can see the display when they enter and exit the Property.

To gain access to the Air Conditioning, Guests must insert a Credit Allowance Card.
These cards contain an amount of "Credit", which corresponds to an amount of usage.

For example a €20 Credit Allowance Card allows a Guest to use up to €20 in electricity.

When a Guest inserts this card into the system, the €20 will appear on the display and they can start using the Air Conditioning.

This amount will tick down throughout the duration of their stay - allowing Guests to make adjustments on a daily basis so that the amount doesn´t run out.

Studies have shown that when guests can see what they are spending, they naturally spend less.

Why choose the AC Guard System?

  • Affordable - Can be installed for less than the cost of one bad guest
  • Saves Money - Lower Costs when lending out your Property
  • Versatile - Can be adapted to suit any Property needs
  • Eco-Friendly - Making Guests & Owners more Energy Conscious
  • Extends the Life of Air Con Units 



Installation is simple and takes a Qualified Installer no more than 30 minutes to complete.

A list of recommended installers can be found on our Installers page.

If you do not find an Installer in your area, please contact us via the Contacts Page - we have access to a wide network of Installers across Europe, so we can easily put you in touch with someone in your local area.