"There's No Excuse, For Air Con Misuse!"

Monitor Just The Air Conditioning Supply Or The Whole House Electricity: The System Is Incredibly Versatile


Reduce Consumption

Save Money

No More High Bills

Profit as a Landlord


The Versatile AC Guard System

The AC Guard System is a revolutionary product designed to give Home Owners & Landlords peace of mind when Guests/Tenants use a property. The system monitors energy consumption helping to keep costs to a minimum and protecting you from high energy bills.

Here are some of the many benefits of our AC Guard System:

  • No More High Bills
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Save Money
  • Profit from Tenants Usage
  • LCD Screen Displays Usage
  • Intelligent Warning System
  • Eco-Friendly


The cost of Air Conditioning misuse!

Air Conditioning should cost less than 20,00€ per week. However, if not used correctly landlords and property owners can be faced with bills of up to 200,00€! This is all because of air conditioning misuse where guests or tenants simply forget to switch the unit off or the unit runs at very low temperatures for long periods of time, resulting in unnecessary maintenance, repairs and extra expenses.

90% of Guests & Tenants spend less with the AC Guard System!

Studies show that making guests aware of their energy consumption is enough to lower electricity consumption substantially. People are becoming more energy conscious these days, but for the guests in your property who may be unaware of how much it costs to run, its important to have something in place to protect you as the Owner. Our system is adaptable to any property: charge guests for their usage, set an allowance for their weekly usage, or simply monitor their usage so you know what the bill will be.


No more unexpected high energy bills!

The AC Guard System gives landlords and property owners peace of mind, knowing that their guests or tenants will not be running up high energy bills from excessive electricity usage. The AC Guard System has been installed in a variety of environments including holiday and short term rentals, long term rentals, hotels and even in personal homes - visually seeing your usage via the LCD Display helps control your own usage. This is the reason that the AC Guard System is the best selling energy consumption meter on the market.