"There's No Excuse, For Air Con Misuse!"

Monitor Just The Air Conditioning Supply Or The Whole House Electricity: The System Is Incredibly Versatile


Reduce Consumption

Save Money

No More High Bills

Profit as a Landlord


The Versatile AC Guard System

The AC Guard System has been designed to make Guests more aware of their Energy Consumption when renting or using a Property abroad.  We help Owners set a reasonable Usage Amount so Guests know exactly how much they are spending and you never receive High Electricity Bills again.

The system is easy to use and can be installed for less than the cost of one bad guest!

Here are some of the many benefits of the AC Guard System:

  • No more High Bills unexpectedly
  • Save Money on every Rental
  • Make your Property more Eco-Friendly
  • Ensure you are receiving the correct bill every month
  • Have peace of mind when Guests use your Property


The Cost of Air Conditioning Misuse!

With Energy Prices on the rise its important to keep costs down.  Guests misusing your Air Conditioning can have serious consequences on your Electricity Bills and make lending out your Property frustrating.

90% of Guests spend LESS with the AC Guard System!

Studies show that making Guests aware of their Energy Consumption is enough to Lower Electricity Consumption substantially.  

It would be fair to say Guests do not purposefully misuse your Air Conditioning, they just are not ware of how much it costs to run.


Never receive a High Bill again!

The AC Guard System allows Owners to set a reasonable amount of Electricity Usage - that way Guests know exactly how much they are spending and the Owner knows the maximum a Guest can cost them.

The AC Guard System has been installed in a variety of environments including Short & Long Term Rentals, Family & Friend Visits, Hotels and even in Personal Homes.

Making Guests more aware of their usage is more effective than charging them or cutting them off - This is the reason why the AC Guard System is the best AC Monitoring System on the market.